DJ's are a dime a dozen, and searching for the right one for your wedding day can be a daunting task.  

Not every DJ can be a wedding/event specialist because some DJ's lack the ability to be an Emcee.  What separates a good event Emcee from the average DJ first and foremost, is the ability to speak in an articulate & eloquent manner, and be able to engage the crowd verbally in an energetic, professional, and fun approach.  
One simple truth about weddings is that they're based on love, and you should always surround yourself with people who share in that love.  This is true for your friends and family, but the same also goes for your wedding vendors.  They should consider it an honor that you've chosen them to take part in your incredibly special day, and they should only provide wedding services if they absolutely love what they do.      

I love everything about my career, and I love that I've helped to create so many beautiful memories over the years.
A quality event DJ is also an event coordinator without the official title. Weddings and major events are a collection of organized chaos with dozens of things happening all at once. Having the ability to keep it all flowing seamlessly is amazingly important.  

You'll want to remember your day as a moment of pure joy with fun stories that you can tell for years to come, not a nightmare scenario of mistake after mistake because the DJ doesn't have the necessary experience to keep everything on track while also making sure all vendors have what they need to perform their duties properly.  

The name "Bride-Zilla" was created because there is so much stress that can be put on a bride, and our goal is to help bring your stress level to a minimum.

Part of our responsibility is to hold your hand throughout the entire process and make you feel completely comfortable from the planning stage straight through to very last song at the end of your event. 

We pride ourslelves on being budget friendly while delivering the same level of high quality that you would expect from some of the higher priced companies in the area.  Let us help you create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!
-  Fully Licensed and Insured
- Available for Many Event Types
-  Professional & Experienced Staff
-  Customized Timeline Included
-  Playlist Tailored to Your Needs
- Family Friendly Music
-  Pro Wireless Up Lighting Included
- Dance Floor Lighting Included
-  Gobo Lighting Rental Available
- Projector Rental Available
- Slideshow Creation Available

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